Feasibility and preparation of architectural designs, financial and concept layouts, presentation drawings, technical specifications.

Leading the architectural aspect of projects – Planning, Coordinating, advising and directing project leaders, and contractors.


Preplanned all the details regarding required materials of a particular design. 

Field Verifications: Supervised the complete projects from start to the finish – Advised workers  and oversaw the work quality.

Renovation of a manor country house and barn in Bernadets-Débat (Ht Pyrénées)

Renovation and extension of a country house  in Serrot-Aurensan-France

renovation of the church and the Mairie of Lussagnet (Landes) France

Renovation of a water mill and a swimming pool  in Taron-France

Renovation of a house in Uzos-Pyrénées Atlantique- France

Restoration of St. Jean-Baptiste church of Garlin-France

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I like to believe that architecture connects the present with the past and the tangible with the intangible.

(Richard Meier)